Starting a food business is hard, so much that 60% of them fail within the first year. There are so many moving parts that it is not easy to understand what went wrong soon enough. Trust me, I’ve been there myself.

My first business failed, but with the learnings I had, I was able to make my second business (a B2B one) profitable within the first 6 months. My name is Shreyash and I’m the co-founder of Rockstar Chef. We provide online order management for restaurants and cloud kitchens.

Today, we’ll see what metrics can help owners understand the health…

When I talk to many restaurant owners about making their website, the first thing I observe is that the founders have a craving to create something really different, something unique. Although their vision is absolutely correct, the one thing that they seem to miss out on is the understanding of the conversion funnel. To explain that better, let’s get our fundamental understanding right.

“Website of a business exists to generate revenue, leads, or users.”

The primary objective of a restaurant’s website is to generate as much revenue as possible from online orders. And to do so, the website should channel…

Having a website for your restaurant for anyone who wants to establish their own brand, is an undisputed requirement in 2021. But building a website and maintaining it is a huge challenge for many non-coders (myself included). Here, I’ll discuss how you can build the website for the lowest possible cost as possible, and keep the website dynamic and relevant even after months or years. You may need a day’s worth of efforts from a developer friend who can help you in hosting your website.

The philosophy behind the dynamic design

The main reason I see restaurant owners hesitate in making a website is ensuring it…

A friend recently asked me, “Why should I have a website for my restaurant? I already engage my customers on Instagram and Facebook. It is hard for me to manage a restaurant website and I don’t see any benefit of having one. I would rather have a blog!”

Before I begin reasoning the unambiguous importance of having a website, allow me to give a background and explain why this may be the very logical case for most of the restaurant owners in India (and even around the world).

Default Customer Acquisition Channel

A restaurant, café, or a pub/brewery usually have very appealing interiors, loud…

So, you have an idea of how you will start your restaurant:

  • You have a great concept.
  • You have your own unique recipes that you want to share with people.
  • And You know something vital that people want.

But you don’t know how easy or hard it will be to bring your concept to life.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • The basic types of food businesses,
  • Key business model components, and
  • Things to keep in mind before starting or while running a food business

Rockstar Chef

We create e-commerce websites and apps for restaurants, and help them create strong and independent online brands.

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